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  • In addition to potential threats, we have encountered AI applications and research that have aroused interest, enthusiasm and optimism. We originally viewed the detection of any emotional expression by AI with skepticism, but the project team learned about an application that appears to offer genuine benefits for a group of people that partly overlaps with the autistic spectrum: those with no spoken or written language.–European Council of Autistic People, Artificial Intelligence and the Rights of Autistic People (AIRA) Project

  • I have used many apps during my years of practice as an SLT. I found Empathic app very helpful clinically to understand my clients, a lot of who don’t have the power of oral communication. The app helped me to connect with my clients and also helped me understand the powerful emotions that they expressed. I strongly believe the app is a boon for any clinician and communication partner to improve communication.–Milind Sonawane, M.Sc. Sr. Speech Language Therapist, Children Disability Network Manager, Enable Ireland

  • Empathic, a one of a kind creation helps others understand our amazing daughter.–Sam Villena, Family Carer

  • The App has brought about greater insight in relation to the preferences of individuals & has allowed for the creation of a person centred, preference focused schedule. The quality of care & increased access to preferred activities has come about because of the App’s introduction with the benefits of same being felt immediately across a variety of service areas. The App is also very accessible for family members/staff using same with an intuitive & supportive setup, layout & design. … I  would highly recommend the App to anyone supporting individuals with reduced communication abilities.–SLT Department – Adult Intellectual Disability Service