Thank you for your interest in helping to test seamlessCARE app. Helping to test this app requires very little time or effort. Family carers are testing this app at home over a three month period. The family carer will lend you their iPad while you are caring for their loved one so that you can easily access information about the needs and preferences of that individual. When the app is fully developed the family carer can invite you to access the app on your own iPad, phone or computer.


What is seamlessCARE app?

seamlessCARE app makes it easy for family carers to catalogue key aspects of daily living. This app enables carers to write notes, record videos and images about the needs and preferences of their loved ones. This helps everyone in the caring network to understand individuals who cannot easily communicate.


Using seamlessCARE app

The app is designed to be clear and easy to use. You can find information about the care recipient by selecting the relevant category. This is a test version so only the family carer can record videos, take pictures and make notes. However, the final version will allow numerous carers to add to and edit the app. There will also be strict security in place to protect the care recipient.

You are not required to use the app every time you provide care. There may be some days that you view numerous recordings and other days when you choose not to use the app at all. The frequency of use is entirely up to you.


Your feedback

You are invited to share your views about seamlessCARE app. You do not have to provide feedback but it would be very helpful if you would fill in a short feedback form, write an email or arrange to speak with a researcher.

We will use your feedback in two ways:

  1. To improve seamlessCARE app in its next phase of development.
  2. To inform research for publication, presentation or interview

The researcher may make reference to your feedback, however, no one who takes part in this study will be named. You will remain anonymous and your data will be protected in line with regulations set down by University College Dublin as outlined in the information sheet and consent form you are required to sign.

Please follow this link to view the Feedback Forms

Please follow this link to read the information sheet and sign the consent form



If you would like any further information please contact Dr Aviva Cohen: