seamlessCARE is an innovative digital care platform designed to support the needs of people with severe and profound neurodiversity in home care and health care settings.

Five years of intensive research and development led to the launch of three interoperable API’s (application programming interfaces) that enhance the flow of information, promote safety and increase efficacy.

seamlessCARE modules

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Focus api

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Video based care planning mobile app and API.

Focusis a video based care plan that enables carers to record and archive short videos of everything necessary to understand the complex needs of each person. Clear screens provide access to care records that can be read and updated effortlessly.

translate api logo

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Translation of non-verbal sounds API

Translate enables every care provider to record the vocalisations of non-verbal children and adults. Using artificial intelligence, it provides a readout that displays up to 10 emotional states.

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seamlessCARE is a fully managed serverless FHIR® API platform developed to meet the certified API standards as defined by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) final rule and to ensure full GDPR and HIPPA compliance.

seamlessCARE is funded by Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Contract Reference: CF-2019-1231-I and supported by University College Dublin.