About us: History

I am Dr Aviva Cohen, CEO and co-founder of seamlessCARE Ltd. We are proud to be supported by Enterprise Ireland and by the chairman of our board, Dr Frank Dolphin, former Chairman of the Irish National Health Service Executive (HSE) Irish national healthcare service. Many of the ideas we are bringing to life emerged as a result of lived experience and years of research into the real needs of neurodiverse people and those who provide their care.

Our story begins in 2006 when my husband, Steve, survived a stroke that stole his speech, his mobility and his cognition. At the time, our little girls were just 10 months old and 5 years of age. Steve had been my karate Sensi for 17 years. With patience and steel he had taught me how to fight on no matter how badly I was hurt. I thank him every day for that resilience.

As I fought to help Steve I used my skills as an academic researcher, over time, I discovered innovative ways to support his needs. As he slowly improved with each new therapy, I shared my research in a website called researchandhope.com. Supported by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) I was encouraged to develop some of my other ideas. Fortunately, these organisations decided to fund my next venture Neuro Hero Ltd.

Neuro Hero is a For Impact company developing apps for people with word finding difficulties. From the start, I searched for a partner who had the technical skills I lacked, in addition to design acumen and creativity. I was delighted when Ian Kennedy joined our growing team. Before long, Ian became CTO and together we developed 19 apps in 6 languages. This led to numerous awards in Ireland and internationally.

Following a radio interview, I was invited to re-connect with the academic world. That led to a prestigious Marie Curie/ASSISTID post-doctoral research Fellowship in 2016. This provided extraordinary opportunities to work within caring organisations and to collaborate with service users and their families. Ian supported this work at every turn and together we developed some of the ideas that are now becoming realities. This Fellowship was expertly supervised in University College Dublin (UCD) and Queens University Belfast (QUB). As a consequence, I was invited to become the deputy director of a multidisciplinary PhD programme in the school of Mechanical and Materials Engineering in UCD. I was supervising and supporting PhD Candidates when I was asked to sit on an examination bord for (now Dr) Çağrı Çubukçu. As I read his thesis I saw that he had an exceptional technical talent and I discovered that he also had a history of mission critical development on large international financial and aviation projects. On the completion of his PhD, I invited Çağrı to join the seamlessCARE founding team.


Together Ian, Çağrı and I made a commitment to develop truly useful technologies that will improve life for people with additional needs and those who provide their caret.


Of course, there is a great deal more to this story and it is far from finished. We are proud of the journey we have navigated so far. Now we look forward to sharing the work that was inspired by an incredible father, partner and karate sensi, the late Steve Connor.