Thank you for agreeing to test seamlessCARE app at home over a three month period. Your contribution is extremely valuable and much appreciated.

Training workshop

You attended a half day training course to introduce seamlessCARE app. Members of the research team led by Dr Aviva Cohen, explained how to use seamlessCARE app and its potential benefits. A team member uploaded the app onto your iPad and you had an opportunity to practice using it. You also read an information sheet and signed a consent form. Thank you for agreeing that a member of the team can contact you every two weeks at a time or place that is convenient for you.

Using seamlessCARE app

You can now record short videos, take pictures and make notes about the needs and preferences of your son or daughter. You are not required to use the app every day; there may be some days that you make numerous recordings and other days when you choose not to use the app at all. The frequency of use is entirely up to you.

Asking other carers to use the app

During the training day you received information leaflets for other people in your caring network. Thank you for agreeing to lend your iPad to other carers while they are looking after your loved one. When the app is fully developed you will not have to lend your iPad, instead you can choose who can access the app on their own iPad, phone or computer.

The information leaflets include an email address so that secondary carers can sign up to use seamlessCARE app to enhance the quality of care they provide for your loved one and participate in the testing process.

Your feedback about seamlessCARE app

You were invited to share your views with the researcher who will contact you every second week to offer support and learn about your experiences using seamlessCARE app. You can choose whether to provide feedback by phone or email, this will typically takes less than 10 minutes. The researcher will also arrange to gather feedback from secondary carers who are using seamlessCARE app.

We will use your feedback in two ways:

  1. To improve seamlessCARE app in its next phase of development.
  2. To inform research for publications, presentations and interviews.

The researcher may make reference to your feedback but you will not be named or identified. You will remain anonymous and your data will be protected in line with regulations set down by University College Dublin as outlined in the information sheet and consent form you sign at the start of the process.

At the end of the test

At the end of the three month test period we will meet for a final interview. At that time we will remove seamlessCARE app from your iPad. You will be able to keep your videos, notes and photos; we will mve them from the app into your personal files. When the final version of seamlessCARE app is ready we can help you to add these videos, notes and images to the new app.


This is a test version of seamlessCARE app. It does not include any security so your information is not protected. It is important that you do not record any sensitive videos or take confidential notes. The final version of seamlessCARE app will be secure.


Thank you

To show our appreciation for your help we will give you a complementary seamlessCARE app as soon as full development is complete.

Please follow this link to view the Feedback Forms


Dr Aviva Cohen: