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Family subscription

We invite you to join our Beta test in September; you can use Empathic app free of charge until January 27th 2023. Empathic will be available to purchase through the App Store and Google Play but there is no obligation to subscribe.

Each subscription includes up to three non-verbal users. You can also share Empathic Companion free of charge with 20 family members, friends or care providers.
It is easy to cancel your subscription before your monthly renewal date.

Cost: €9.99 per month

Add Companions

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A Companion user is anyone who interacts with the non-verbal person. Typically a Companion user does not always understand the non-verbal person’s communications. Using Empathic can help them to better understand how the non-verbal person feels, even when you are not there. You can add up to 20 Companion users.

Companion users can record the non-verbal person in order to better understand their vocalisations. They can also review recordings made by the account holder so they know how a person sounds when they are experiencing emotions such as excitement or frustration.

However Companion users cannot customise Empathic, this feature is only available to the account holder. This gives the artificial intelligence the best opportunity to learn.