Using Empathic

To use Empathic app simply record the non-verbal person for up to 10 seconds. Artificial intelligence will interpret that vocalisation and predict which emotion they are expressing.

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The problem we address

Many non-verbal people have severe intellectual or physical disabilities that prevent them from using other assistive technologies to communicate. In most families and care settings, there is one person who understands the non-verbal individual, but it can be difficult for everyone else to know how that person is feeling.

The inability to communicate can lead to low mood and frustration that may result in challenging behaviours. This can include aggression towards caring staff, family members, self-harm and falls.

Benefits of Empathic

During the research and development of Empathic we collaborated with care providers in residential, home care, nursing home and rehabilitation centres. The majority of test participants found that using Empathic resulted in elevated mood and fewer challenging behaviours. They reported fewer staff injuries, enhanced safety, a reduction in service user falls and self-harm. Staff retention was also better during our test periods which ranged from three months to two years. This feedback was echoed by families who tested Empathic at home. Most of this testing was carried out under strict academic Ethics which restricts the publication of detailed information. However, seamlessCARE is engaged in additional Pilot testing and these results will be published here during 2023.


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